Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Poll: British moms are unhappy with bodies
LONDON (UPI) -- Youthful celebrity mothers, or "yummy mummies," are making many British mothers feel inadequate, it was reported.

A poll conducted by the Mumsnet Internet site revealed less than 25 percent of 1,300 mothers were happy with the way they looked, and 50 percent said they were unhappy in general, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

"There is a really ugly underbelly to the cult of the celebrity yummy mummy. It leaves women feeling inadequate about their bodies at a point when they have enough to deal with, adjusting to a whole new role in life," psychologist Susie Orbach said.

Forty percent of mothers less than 26-years-old reportedly said they became upset when seeing pictures of celebrity moms like Victoria Beckham.

Thirty-seven percent of women said they were glad to sport a bikini after having a baby, almost half the number of women who said they would wear a skimpy swimsuit before childbirth.

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Monday, March 30, 2009


Suit: Woman forged $1.26M refund check
INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) -- Indiana's state attorney general is suing a California woman who allegedly wrote her name on her employer's $1.26 million tax refund check.

Attorney General Steve Carter alleges in the lawsuit filed in federal court that Lucia Abrantes illegally put her name on the refund check Indiana issued to Verizon Capital Corp., The Indianapolis Star reported.

Carter claims Abrantes, who is described in the suit as a "rogue employee" of Verizon, deposited the money in her bank account and had it sent overseas.

The banks that processed the check, J.P. MorganChase of New York and Washington Mutual Capital of Washington, were also named as defendants in the suit, which says the institutions should not have processed the altered check.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Tennis club bans girl for grunt
MELBOURNE (UPI) -- A Sunbury, Australia, tennis club has told a 9-year-old girl she cannot play unless she remains silent on the court, the girl's parents said.

Duncan and Ruth Edwards said their daughter, Lauryn, was banned from the Mount Carmel Tennis Club because of the loudness of her grunts when she strikes the ball, the Melbourne Sun-Herald reported.

"They told me to guarantee she won't grunt or she can't play," Duncan Edwards said.

He said he was outraged by the club's behavior and he has contacted authorities with Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria to help remedy the situation.

"It's pretty slight and now and again she hits it hard and makes a loud noise and that's it," he said. "From just one comment, this has all blown up stupidly. There's no rule against it, so they've made a rule against it."

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